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Grief Coaching with Dr. Jason Troyer

Grief Coaching is only available for individuals enrolled in the GriefPlan Online Program. Watch the video to learn why.

Frequently Asked Questions - How Does Coaching Work?

+ What will we talk about during the Grief Coaching calls??

Our calls will focus on you and your grief experiences. We’ll discuss your loss and the circumstances of the loss, how the GriefPlan Online Program is going, what you have learned, questions that arose, your short and long-term plans, and other grief-related concerns that you have. When applicable, we’ll discuss what will be happening before our next call and any goals you may have.

+ Are the Grief Coaching sessions confidential??

Absolutely! I’ll never break your confidentiality. Nor will I use your name on my website, in my videos, etc. (Unless you give me explicit permission to use your experiences as a testimonial).

+ Are all the Grief Coaching sessions with you or do you outsource to other therapists??

All Grief Coaching sessions are with me, Dr. Jason Troyer.

+ How is Grief Coaching different than Grief Therapy??

My Grief Coaching focuses on providing advice, support, and feedback and is connected to the GriefPlan Online program. That is why you must be using the GriefPlan program in order to receive Grief Coaching from me. We will focus primarily on what you can do today and in the near future to heal, remember, and rebuild.

In contrast, Grief Therapy is more likely to explore how your entire life history is related to your grief. Grief Therapy is also set up to work with your concerns related to substance use and abuse, clinical depression, and severed anxiety. I am not able to provide Grief Coaching if your concerns include severe depression, suicidal thoughts, or substance abuse. I wouldn't want to mislead you and suggest that I would be available in emergency situations.

+What are some signs that I should seek a local grief therapist instead of using Grief Coaching with you?

These are some signs that you should be seeking a local therapist instead of grief coaching: your substance use/abuse, if you are experiencing symptoms of clinical depression or severe anxiety, and if you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

+ Do you provide Grief Therapy in addition to Grief Coaching??

No. I only provide Grief Coaching at this time.

+ Are you available for emergency sessions??

Unfortunately, no. This is one of the key differences between Grief Coaching and Grief Therapy. If you anticipate that you will need emergency assistance, you should find a local mental health professional.

+ Do you provide Grief Coaching to individuals outside of the United States?

Absolutely! Unfortunately I am only fluent in English, but if you are a native English speaker or are comfortable conducting the call in English, then we can definitely work together. We’ll schedule a time that works for both of us. I live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST) in the US, but I can arrange early morning or evening calls to accommodate any time zone.

+ Is there a minimum or maximum number of Coaching Sessions?

I have learned that it is best to schedule each call individually. Some people may need 1 or 2 calls while others will need more.
In most cases, I don’t go beyond 6 calls with an individual because this begins to change our relationship from coaching to therapy.

+ What are your professional credentials & qualifications??

I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas (APA-Accredited; US) and a MA in Counseling from Truman State University (CACREP-Accredited; US). I have previously worked as a therapist in community mental health centers and college counseling centers. My dissertation was on widowers’ experiences in grief, and I have written a book for mental health professionals on how to counsel widowers – although I have experience with a variety of different types of grief. If you’d like a copy of my vita/c.v./resume, you can download it here.

Frequently Asked Questions - Fees & Policies

+ How much does 1-on-1 Grief Coaching Cost??

My rates for Grief Coaching are similar to most private therapists and psychologists in the US.

  • 1 Grief Coaching Session (50 minutes) = $149

+ Can I receive Grief Coaching without also purchasing the GriefPlan Heal-Remember-Rebuild Online Program??

No, the online program provides an enormous amount of helpful information that will make our Grief Coaching sessions more productive & efficient. By having you view that information separately from our calls, we save time (and you save money).

+ Is there a payment plan??

Unfortunately, I don't offer a payment plan for Grief Coaching. But you can purchase sessions individually - there is no minimum number of sessions to purchase.

+ How and when do I pay for Grief Coaching?

After we have determined that Grief Coaching is a good option for you, you will receive information about how to pick a day and time that works for both our schedules. You will be asked to pay by credit or debit card before we finalize our appointments. Coaching Sessions must be paid in advance.

+ Are there refunds for Grief Coaching??

I do NOT offer refunds on completed Grief Coaching calls or scheduled coaching calls that you do not cancel within 24 hours before the session.

+ What is your cancellation policy for Grief Coaching sessions??

In order to serve all my Coaching clients, if you fail to cancel a scheduled appointment more than 24 hours prior to the appointment I may choose to charge you for the coaching session and limit future coaching calls. This is because I have reserved your time for you – and not cancelling means that others don’t have access to calls with me.

+ Can I use health insurance to pay for Grief Coaching or GriefPlan Heal-Remember-Rebuild programs??

Not likely. I don’t file insurance paperwork and I don’t work with insurance companies. Upon request, I will happily provide you with a receipt that itemizes the services you have purchased. But you won’t likely be reimbursed by most insurance companies (at least not in the US).

+ How long will our Grief Coaching calls be??

Our calls will last 50 minutes – which is similar to the “standard hour” of therapy in the US.