with Dr. Jason Troyer

Holiday Remembrance Service Video

Holiday Remembrance Service Video


Would you like a PhD-level grief expert & professional speaker at your holiday remembrance service for a fraction of the usual cost?



Perhaps your funeral home, cemetery, or hospice would like to start offering your community a Holiday Remembrance Service (also called a “Blue Christmas” Service, Candlelight Remembrance Service, Service of Hope, or Tree of Remembrance Service). Or maybe you have offered a service for a while, but you would like to have a new speaker who focuses more on grief support and less on traditional religious themes.

The challenge is finding a speaker that is engaging, interesting, fits your schedule, and has fees that fit your budget. It can be difficult to find someone who checks all of these boxes.

What I Offer

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What I offer is a pre-recorded video message that you can show at your holiday remembrance service. While there are obvious benefits to having a live speaker, there are many advantages to showing a pre-recorded message.

Benefits of a Pre-Recorded Grief Support Message

  • Affordability compared to a live speaker

  • No concerns about scheduling a speaker (e.g., available speaker dates, concerns about bad weather, car trouble, flight delays, etc.)

  • No surprises about what the speaker will say or how long they will talk (You can preview my video)

  • Can post the video on your website and share through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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Is My Video a Good Fit for Your Event?

My presentation includes:

  • Grief support tips & strategies within an inspirational, story-based format (NOT an “academic grief lecture”)

  • Inclusive spiritual message that does not focus on a specific religious tradition (i.e., different than the message a minister, priest, or rabbi would typically provide)

  • A message that is “funeral home/cemetery-friendly” and reinforces the value of funeral rituals


Here’s What You Get

A 12-15 minute video that is:

  • Designed to inspire & console the bereaved during the holiday season

  • Customized introduction with your funeral home name & logo

  • Includes background music & inspirational graphics

    And 50 Copies of Dr. Troyer’s Finding Hope: Grief During the Holidays (28-page booklet)

How Much?

Just $295 for the video (includes customization to your funeral home, cemetery, or hospice) AND 50 Grief During the Holidays booklets (more available for $2 each).

Looking for a Live Speaker?

Despite the advantages of a pre-recorded video, sometimes you want a live presentation. If you are looking for a live speaker for a Holiday Remembrance Service, Community Presentation, or Professional Workshop, contact me to inquire about my schedule and speaking fees. You can see some of my presentation topics here.

Like to Order a Customized Video for Your Event?

The order deadline for customized holiday videos is November 2. Please call or email me to place an order or ask a question.