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Want a Grief
Support Program
& Facebook Content for Free or $l/Day?

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GriefPlan Newsletter
& Aftercare System

When done correctly, a grief support and aftercare program builds deeper relationships with families you have served and promotes your brand to new families. But who has the time?

Watch the first 5 minute video to find out how you can have a turnkey and free grief support system that runs on autopilot and solves the problem of finding and posting content on your Facebook page.

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Video #1 (5 Minutes)
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Video #2
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Facebook content, online program,
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Video #3
Frequently Asked Questions

▪ Can I refer families to you for individual grief counseling? (1:00)
▪ How can the program have a free option? What’s the catch? (2:20)
▪ Exactly how do you put the videos and resources on my Facebook page? How does that work? (3:30)
▪ Can I start with the free program but then change to an exclusive program …? (4:15)
▪ Does this program replace your sympathy cards or your printed Finding Hope grief booklets? (4:35)
▪ What if I already have someone providing me with Facebook content – can I use your program too? (5:25)
▪ I own multiple rooftops with different names or have firms in different markets… (7:10)
▪ Do you provide a printed newsletter? (7:30)

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