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List to Contact

List of Businesses & Government Offices to Contact

Matt Van Drimmelen

Full-Circle Aftercare

This article was written by Matthew Van Drimmelen, Owner of Full Circle Aftercare. Full Circle Aftercare helps families after the loss by:

  • Making sure you and your family won’t miss out on any benefits

  • Helping you make the official notification of death to necessary government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies

  • Setting up fraud protection so thieves won’t use your loved one’s information

For more information, see the contact information at the bottom of the page.

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“I personally know Matthew and the compassionate and valuable services his team provides after a loss, and I highly recommend their services.” - Dr. Jason Troyer

List of Businesses & Government Offices
to Contact After the Death of a Loved One

This list is provided as a general resource. Your situation may require that you contact more or fewer businesses or organizations.

  • Personal Attorney

  • Accountant/Tax Preparer

  • Life Insurance Agent/Agency

  • Social Security Office

  • Veteran’s Affairs (if a Veteran)

  • Pension Providers

  • Union/Employer

  • Postal Service (to stop or forward mail)

  • Utility or Other Service Providers (to stop or adjust services)(TV, Internet, Electricity, Water, Trash Pick-up, Internet, Cell Phone, Lawn Care, etc.)

  • Health Insurance Company

  • Financial Advisors

  • Mortgage Holder; other Loan Officers or Agencies

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Credit Reporting Agencies

  • Organizations of which your loved one was a member

  • Registrar of Voters

  • Landlord, Assisted Living Facility, or other place of residence

  • Cancel Prescriptions

Are You Confused or Overwhelmed with Contacting Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, and Insurance Companies? Would You Like Some Help?

The Full-Circle Aftercare Team - Based in the USA

The Full-Circle Aftercare Team - Based in the USA

Would you like personalized help navigating the maze of estate issues? The team at Full-Circle Aftercare can help you create a customized plan of action. Then they use 3-way conference calls to make the necessary notifications, closing accounts, claiming benefits, changing beneficiaries and protecting the estate.

Full-Circle Aftercare is based in the United States and never uses overseas customer service agents.

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You can contact Full-Circle Aftercare in the following ways. There is a fee to use their services, but there is no fee for the initial conversation and no obligation. Simply call, email, or complete the form to learn how they can help you.

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