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Social Security Benefits

3 Pitfalls When Claiming Social Security Benefits

Written by
Matt Van Drimmelen

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This article was written by Matthew Van Drimmelen, Owner of Full Circle Aftercare. Full Circle Aftercare helps families after the loss by:

  • Making sure you and your family won’t miss out on any benefits

  • Helping you make the official notification of death to necessary government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies

  • Setting up fraud protection so thieves won’t use your loved one’s information

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3 Pitfalls in Claiming Deceased Social Security Benefits

What Every Grieving Family Should Know

Did you know that in 2018 social security was audited and found that 82% (source) of widows and widowers were not receiving their full spousal benefits? Surviving spouses and children need guidance navigating this difficult process and should specifically watch out for the following pitfalls:

Pitfall #1: Not Claiming the Last Month’s Payment

Since SSA pays one month in arrears the deceased can often be due a last check. In most cases SSA is pulling that payment back even if the family is due the payment. In order to receive the final payment, the family might have to file a form SSA-1724. It is easy to do and can mean a difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars!


Pitfall #2: Going to the SSA Office

Most families will go directly into the social security office within days after their loved one passes. The last thing a grieving family member should have to do is sit in that waiting room for hours on end to only get vague answers. It is far better for surviving spouse to make an appointment via phone. This will save a lot of stress for the family. If they call the local office directly to make that appointment hold times should be less than 15 minutes.

Pitfall #3: Not Waiting to Take Benefits

Restricted application allows widow(er)s to claim benefits under their spouse while delaying their own benefits until age 70. This means the widow(er) can now get the best of both worlds. They get spousal benefits as early as age 60.5 and at age 70 they can claim their maximum benefits on their own work record.

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The Full-Circle Aftercare Team - Based in the USA

The Full-Circle Aftercare Team - Based in the USA

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